The End of The Line UK, 2009

Directed by Rupert Murray
Produced by Claire Lewis & George Duffield

  • What did they do?

    The End of the Line is the world’s first major feature documentary about the devastating impact that overfishing has had - and is having - on our oceans. The film provides a dramatic expose of those in power who are taking advantage of the seas with catastrophic consequences on the world’s fish supply.

    Impact highlights:

    • Raised £6m to launch the Blue Marine Foundation, dedicated to creating a global network of marine reserves
    • Had significant impact on supermarket and consumer brands – from sandwich chain Pret A Manger to cat food brands Sheba and Whiskas all moving to use sustainably-sourced fish
    • Used as a strategic lobbying tool in both the UK and European parliaments to engage politicians in the issue of over-fishing
  • How did they do it?

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