Celebrating the documentary films that have made the
greatest impact on society


The 2019 edition of #docimpacthi5 (formerly known as Doc Impact Award) is now closed and the films will be chosen later this year. We are looking to celebrate five more incredible independent documentary films that have created real world impact.

We want to learn about projects that have:

CHANGED MINDS - How a film demonstrably changed public awareness of a given issue

CHANGED STRUCTURES - How a film influenced corporate policy on sustainability or workplace issues; or perhaps impacted lawmakers & politicians triggering reviews or enquiries

CHANGED BEHAVIOURS - How a film affected consumer purchasing or voting decisions

BUILT COMMUNITIES - How the film helped build capacity or raised funds for campaign organisations and other partners

Five films will be selected from a panel of global experts, impact geeks and film lovers. They will be granted $5,000 in recognition of their work and then suitably celebrated by the community with the publication of a major impact case study about the film & its influence in the world.

For inspiration you can find previous docimpacthi5 finalists right here.


Here’s what people are talking about when they talk about films creating change.

A collection of blogs from the people who know.


  • "Finally an award that acknowledges the unique role that documentary plays in society"

    Morgan Spurlock
  • "Be under no illusion: the tenacity, commitment and perseverance of the compassionate few can change the world"

    Susan Sarandon
  • "Nonfiction storytelling is a path to reinforcing freedom of expression and a more informed, aware and vigorous citizenship"

    Danny Glover
  • "I have always believed that truth is stranger and more powerful than fiction. Documentaries are a potent reflection of life. If we don't tell our own stories, no one else will"

    Mira Nair