Please Remember Me

"I've been promoting Alzheimer’s prevention and care for a long time. But this is the first time I had seen such a deep kind of love between a patient and her caregiver. Every person needs to see the film to change our stereotypes"
Congresswoman Bai Wanqing

  • The film

    Please Remember Me tells the story of an old Shanghainese couple - 88 year old Feng and 87 year old Lou, filmmaker Quing Zhao’s great uncle and great aunt. She follows them, the eldest couple in her family, for three years in order to tell the sensitive and intimate story of their companionship over almost half a century, right up to the moment when Lou was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

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  • The impact

    Please Remember Me shifted people’s understanding of Alzheimer’s across China, garnering new government resources for patients and families and new ‘dementia-friendly communities’ throughout Shanghai.

    The Team

    It takes an exceptional film to capture imagination, and it takes an equally exceptional film and campaign team to make real world change. To find out more about these brilliant people please download the report.

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