Trouble The Water US, 2008

Directed by Tia Lessin & Carl Deal
Produced by Tia Lessin & Carl Deal

  • What did they do?

    An aspiring rap artist, trapped in New Orleans by deadly floodwaters, survives the disaster and seizes a chance for a new beginning. Celebrating community resilience in the face of massive government failures, Trouble the Water raises searing questions about race and class in America.

    Impact highlights:

    • Repeatedly used in strategic political campaigning; from raising a 20,000-strong letter campaign to the speaker of the House of Representatives, to strategic screenings at the national Democratic and Republican conventions
    • Triggered a major lobbying effort by 400 campaigners, including hurricane-survivors and supporters from across the country who travelled to Washington DC for training, advocacy and action.
    • Launched a “Share Your Story” campaign to gather hundreds of testimonies from constituents that were used to lobby policy leaders.
  • How did they do it?

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