The Reckoning US, 2009

Directed by Pamela Yates
Produced by Paco de Onís

  • What did they do?

    A David and Goliath battle of titanic proportions unfolds as International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo faces down warlords, genocidal dictators, and world superpowers in his struggle to tame the Wild West of global conflict zones and bring perpetrators of crimes against humanity to justice.

    Impact highlights:

    • The film team distributed, free of charge, screening kits to over 600 NGOs from 78 countries, to raise awareness of the International Criminal Court
    • Used extensively in education programmes including a 2-week ‘Teach the Reckoning’ workshop bringing together 700 educators from 70 countries representing a network of over 25,000 high school teachers
    • Used widely in Africa; it supported critical debate within the Kenyan judiciary and triggered an investigation into post-election violence
  • How did they do it?

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